Where is the problem of get fat of light put on weight after how preventing age?


The person arrived a certain specific age, for example 30 afterwards, the body uses up caloric efficiency to be able to be reduced, because the metabolic rate of human body falls,middleaged grow stout is, absorb alimental quantity of heat to cannot be decomposed completely, form thereby adipose store inside existence human body. And arrived middleaged hind the carry momentum of people can drop, certain chronic also should eat medicaments everyday, reduced human body to be digested to alimental. So Where is the problem of get fat of light put on weight after arriving how to prevent age?

How to prevent age big get fat?

1, the food that controls good oneself.

Should reduce food intake quantity to be in dietary time control even already certain time paragraph inside. Alimental choice also wants more strict, the mug-up of food of walnut, adipose like earthnut butter, deepfry food that contains a lot ofhigh fever quantity should avoid edible as far as possible, also want to control dosage strictly when edible.

2, the rate that wants control to take food.

To nibble slow pharynx can promote human body oral cavity already digest inside saliva enzymatic absorb to alimental, still can alleviate the question with too big pressure of digestive food of intestines and stomach. Masticatory time grows more also is to be in digest food slowly, and if have a meal time is too short, the body can feel to still be done not have satiate, because of when this can control those who use a meal, growing.

3, dinner should eat little, food taken late at night does not eat as far as possible.

Dinner to reducing weight for it is a the most important segment, if dinner eats can bring about the quantity of heat that cannot digest to store so too much get fat is brought about inside human body.

4, alimental chooses should nutrition and quantity of heat is less, namely food does not want too careful.

Too careful food is the flesh commonly kind, prandial fiber produces full abdomen feeling less and not easily to be brought about thereby eat and drink too much etc. And food is too careful and easy bring about nutrition to absorb not all, cause other diseases then.

Where is the problem of get fat of light put on weight after how preventing age?

5, those who reduce snacks absorb.

General snacks is tall caloric product, but the acidity food such as some reasonable plum, Yang Mei can promote alimental to digest however, OK and right amount edible. If consider snack very much,satisfy talking around with respect to dot taking a place desire can.

6, the fitness that raises oneself, undertake physical training actively.

If your dietary habit does not have a change all the time, so the kind that the odd energy that human body place wastes can carry movement is used up clean. Motion can prevent fat occurrence very well, wasting energy while the metabolism of OK still and effective stimulative human body, even if sleeping to also can compare the energy that wastes with age person much.

7, undertake recreational activities will alleviate more mental pressure.

Middleaged person is in the part in the society is very important, they are having rich experience, pressure is more accordingly great, and the fall that pressure crosses to cause Morpheus quality easily greatly, endocrine maladjusted, these elements let middleaged person put on weight easily, because this needs to reduce a treat with courtesy, eat delicate food more, maintain good humor.


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