What should notice after is brow cultivated? How long can ability make up?


To partial person character, brow is cultivated is a relatively new plastic hairdressing project, they are cultivated to brow sciolistic, like thinking brow grows the top margin of a page following grain even simple, can do to beauty parlour casually. This is a kind of misunderstanding that cultivates to brow, it looks be like simple, but should do well actually difficulty is small not at all, if beg the United States person the effect that wants to obtain ideal and nature, the proposal should choose doctor and attention cautiously manage item is protected after art.

Does brow cultivate meeting failure? Doctor introduction brow cultivates whole process

Brow cultivates operation process not complex, before “ operation, should design above all good camber and choose proper, delicate hair serves as for the area; Operation that day, after inject anaesthetic, the doctor can use special FUE apparatus to take out wool bag along a root from hair border, undertake cultivating according to the design of beforehand again. Because undertook anaesthesia, whole operation process all does not have keenly feel. ”

Nevertheless, if think brow grows an operation very simple, can have done anyhow, that but off base.

Brow cultivates itself security tall, won’t cause complication commonly, but it is among hair transplanting, difficulty is quite tall, be in especially nature of effect of the brow after how allowing method is beautiful this respect. “ brow itself has his to grow direction and shock degree of finish, after brow is cultivated, brow goes situation the person that beg the United States asks or mixed and disorderly, camber is not accorded with is brow too thick too shock, this can be regarded is brow cultivates failure. Appear to prevent such situation, the person that beg the United States had better choose seasoned professional doctor undergo surgery, in order to make sure the doctor’s technology is mixed aesthetic and excellent, communicate adequately with the doctor before art even at the same time. ”

Besides choice major doctor, want to make sure brow cultivates the effect of the operation, the note after art also cannot be ignored.

What should notice after is brow cultivated? How long can ability make up?

After brow cultivates art, nurse what the job basically is aimed at is to grow superciliary area, general proposal does not want knead to also do not make up as far as possible inside 5 days, after “ brow is cultivated, can live normally, also can wash a face, but need attention is planted inside 5 days brow area does not want knead, with water down brow direction cleanness can, the reentry after making up to also wait 5 days as far as possible goes. ”

But a few person that beg the United States can discover, after brow is cultivated, notice to be mixed without knead obviously stimulate kind of brow area, why can brow still fall off?

Miao Yong says, this attributes normal phenomenon, the person that beg the United States need not much Lv. The final result that brow cultivates, general need 6-9 the ability after the month will be stable come down, before this, fall off, the case that waits thin appears likely, “ brow and hair are cultivated similar, also have certain desquamation period, appear in 3 weeks of or so meetings normally a few fall off, after this, brow can grow afresh gradually again. Till 6-9 after the month, ability basis superciliary appearance, grow judgement brow cultivates the circumstance such as direction to whether succeed. ”

Finally, even if brow cultivates the result that obtained ideal, because choose the wool bag that is a hair, because this cultivates the brow after to be able to grow ceaselessly, want to maintain natural result, the person that the proposal begs the United States crop of every 5-7 season.


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