Was wild dog vaccine hit to do not have a thing after be being bitten by the dog?


The dog is people Achates, have inside a lot of other peoples raise a dog, but when the dog is angry, be to be able to bite a person, and after the dog bites a person, be breakneck, get very easily hydrophobic, there is the person that raises a dog inside the home so, need adds an attention more, do not let a dog bite his as far as possible, but if was bitten by the dog, take a few step instantly with respect to need.

Examine the serious degree of cut first after the dog bit him, if cut does not have haemorrhage to defeat a skin, it is unengaged, after discovery has cut, be about to handle cut instantly, get very easily otherwise hydrophobic. First oneself inside cut corrupt blood is crowded come out, above cut corrupt a few bacteria above the tooth that blood is a dog likely very and virus, not these corrupt serum is washed come out, inside the blood that can let sewage enter human body, form haemal circulation thereby, to moment late.

Will corrupt blood squeezes the irrigate that after coming out, relapses with suds, big essentials rinses half hour, with suds irrigate can have very good subsidise effect, can be finally above cut besmear a few iodine, secure with gauze next, have to want to go to a hospital making wild dog vaccine next, wild dog vaccine is not hit to cause crazy dog disease easily after was being bitten by the dog.

Some people were being bitten by the dog a few symptoms that wild dog won’t appear in the day, but time becomes longer and longer, there can be hydrophobic hidden trouble inside the body, abrupt some day also can erupt, to time situation more the crisis.

Was wild dog vaccine hit to do not have a thing after be being bitten by the dog?

The foundation wants when making wild dog vaccine of the doctor exhort undertake, the needle that some people feel mad the dog is vaccinal is too expensive and do not choose to make wild dog vaccine, when perhaps making wild dog vaccine, he feel is not very good, interrupted dozen of wild dog vaccine, these practices are wrong, after was being bitten by the dog, need to be in 24 hours in it is good to hit time of wild dog vaccine to be jumped over earlier, too late effect is not quite big.

The cut after was being bitten by the dog does not need suture, it is OK to need to be secured a little with gauze only, oversewed bad to cut instead. After the attention is bitten to give cut by the dog, must want to go to a hospital making wild dog vaccine instantly, also be passive content not just wild dog vaccine should be made after was being bitten, it is the word that was bitten to give a cut, also need to go to a hospital breaking catch a cold, because also be above the person’s tooth,a few bacteria are caused.

The hospital need not be in after making wild dog vaccine be in hospital, can come home directly, nevertheless the wild dog vaccine of some people needs to hit a chapel to control, need to go to a hospital giving or take an injection on time everyday, do not want to quit. The food in the life also needs to add an attention more, eat acrimony stodge less, eat the vegetable of health of a few nutrition and fruit more, the food that send a gender also did not eat.


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