The error of 10 food preserve one’s health in real life


The error of 10 food preserve one’s health in real life


Food is the important step that the mankind gets nutrition. Accordingly, the means that gets nutrition scientificly should master on food, and be in at present, put in many errors that get nutrition however. Understand together below!

   Error one, it is good that the fruit compares vegetable nutrition certainly

In fact, value of most fruity nutrition is inferior to daily vegetable.

  Error 2, lean lean is not contained many and adipose

Generally speaking, the adipose content in porky lean lean is all sorts of flesh in highest, amount to 25%-30% , and rabbit meat lowest, it is 0.5%-2% only. Chicken (do not take a skin) adipose content is lower also. The adipose content of beef is in commonly 10% the following, but if be fat cattle, even if is tenderloin place also is bestrewed fine fine adipose point, adipose content surpasses pork even.

The error of 10 food preserve one's health in real life

 Error 3, eat Yu Changshou of plant fat profit more

Crowd investigation and experiment prove, the person with tallow fat tall intake, cardiovascular disease incidence of a disease is higher, the person with plant oily tall intake, cardiovascular disease incidence of a disease is really a few lower, what Dan Ji blames is, two subhuman life does not have big difference. Classics investigation, the reason is vegetable oil absorbs high person cancer incidence of a disease taller. If have vegetable oil more, best can complement absorb vitamin E to wait fight oxidation material.

Error 4, the ability in gallinaceous duck cruelly oppress has high grade egg white

The protein in animal sex food is really qualitative the volume is high, but cheap legume and oiliness seed are like earthnut, sunflower to wait to also contain rich protein.

   Error 5, drinking water is cleaner better

In fact, the multi-element that people body place needs, obtain from inside water namely partly. The mineral water that contains certain microelement or compound can have curative effect to certain disease even. Distilled water itself contains solute scarcely, can dissolve a few material in human body come out, toxic to a few tantalum person has profit, but normal person tipple may be caused certain mineral lack.

  Error 6, not salty food does not contain salt

Salt is sodium chloride, however besides, sodium still has all sorts of compound forms. Because many sodium ion is contained in blood, so animal sex food is without exception to contain more natrium. In addition, many natrium also is contained in processing food. Although you eat,do not have accordingly salty food can obtain many natrium all the same.

    Error 7, the provision that contains a variety of amino acid is advanced nourishment

Amino acerbity itself does not have the place with mysterious what, it is protein compositive unit only. Protein is contained in food, contain amino acid naturally also. A variety of amino acid are contained all the same in cheap corn and potato. Since healthy person has the capacity of digestive protein, can obtain amino acid completely from inside common food, also not was necessary to drink the fluid of amino acerbity nutrition with costly what.

The error of 10 food preserve one's health in real life

 Error 8, pure natural food is opposite certainly human body is harmless

Food chemical analysis also discovers, harmful material is contained in a lot of pure natural food. For example, there is haemolysis material in unripe beans horn, sprout there is toxin in potato, the likelihood such as amine is contained to bring about toxic substance in certain fish, etc, if be opposite these food processing are undeserved can produce risk.

  Error 9, the provision that increased additive is certain and harmful

Come compared with smoke and wine, additive agent for food makes become harm next to nothing to healthy adult. Want to abide by a country to set about set limit to only, the additive that allows to use now is quite safe, and as a whole benefit is more than fraud.

   Error 10, foreign snack nutrition is rich

Dietetics home thinks, quantity of foreign snack high fever, tall adipose, lack green vegetable, prandial fiber is insufficient, nutrition is lopsided. The snack of other character also is put in similar problem. Often edible, will naturally bring hidebound consequence.


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