Sweden considers to say nest rice paste contains carcinogenic substance expert to call lack evidence



Swedish research organization says, the food of a few famous babies such as the nest contains heavy metal arsenic, if the baby is daily eat rice paste 2 times, inspiratory quantity exceeds arsenic the mother breeds 50 times, a few arsenic also can increase risk contracting cancer. Yesterday, domestic food expert expresses to the reporter, standard of safety of our country food sets limited amount to the arsenic content of infantile food, safety should is inside limits of set limit to only.

Sweden considers to say nest rice paste contains carcinogenic substance expert to call lack evidence

 Abroad considers to say infantile rice paste is insecure

The baby that infantile rice is papered even if the parent often has to darling complementary feed ground rice, advocate if wait with rice, wheaten, black rice,be raw material. The reporter understands from bureau of Swedish state provision yesterday, a few popular babies contain toxic substance arsenic in food.

Bureau of Swedish state provision says, kaluolinsika discovers Sweden when the academy assay nest, famous baby food that is fond of treasure inside, the likelihood contains a large number of toxic elements to be like arsenic, cadmium, lead, uranium inside, organic like what be fond of treasure peach and banana breakfast cereal contain cadmium of 1.7 microgramme arsenic, 0.13 microgramme and 0.33 microgramme lead. These basically originate the raw material food that is a foundation with paddy rice, these paddy rice contain the arsenic that Gao Nong spends.

Research says, the baby is daily eat the food such as rice paste 2 times, the inspiratory quantity of arsenic will be more alone the breast that feed a mother is 50 times taller, cadmium is 150 times taller, lead is 8 times taller. A few arsenic also can increase risk contracting cancer, cadmium can cause nerve and nephritic damage.

Report proposal, as a result of hard accurate estimation the risk that these toxic elements create to the baby, parents does not give the baby under 6 months to feed eat the food that is raw material with paddy rice.

  The expert calls ground rice poisonous lack evidence

He Jiguo of associate professor of college of project of science of food of Chinese agriculture college and nutrition says, arsenic sends cancerous odds lesser, want arsenic to be inside national level limits only, food is safe, need not worry too.

Mr Chen stone expresses researcher of nutrition of center of control of precaution of disease of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, China and food safety place, our country is being revised ” set limit to of the contaminant in food ” , but the set limit to that does not involve food of rice, infant to contain arsenic is adjusted, “ should adjust ” without what reason.

Door of Beijing The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is engaged in the personage that food safety detects telling a reporter, be opposite at present infant food, heavy metal detects basically involve the matter such as arsenic, lead, mercuric, cadmium, chromium, arsenic is inside the daily limits that monitor, arsenic of well-known without discovery trademark transcends the problem of mark.

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 The nest calls Chinese product safety

Last night, nest China contains the view response of arsenic to say to infant food: We affirm “ the nest product that involves in the report is complete safety, accord with the relative standard of all north Europe and Europe. Swedish food management board also affirms all products accord with a standard at the same time. ”

Nest China expresses, the nest product that alludes in research was not produced in China and sell.

Nest China still says, the nest is produced in China and the infant food of the sale accords with the requirement of Chinese code and standard completely, consumer can be at ease edible.

Sweden considers to say nest rice paste contains carcinogenic substance expert to call lack evidence

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 Ground rice of parent favour infant

Yesterday, happy in Chang’an bazaar, home blessing, 100 fill the room such as shopping centers, on infant food goods shelves, the product such as mud of ground rice, fruit, vegetable mud, fruit juice is placed completely, infant ground rice basically is the henry family name, fine treasure, brand such as the nest.

The reporter is in ground rice outer packing sees on the box, indicate those who come out basically is all sorts of nutrition composition, read the content that is less than the heavy metal such as arsenic, chromic, lead. A salesperson says, these ground rice sell very well, everybody so buy darling to eat. Consumer Ms. Lu says, although also be mother milk feed, but in darling 5 months when, begin to feed mud of some of ground rice, fruit to wait complementary feed, darling also loves to eat.

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Level of our country state ” infant corn assists food ” (GB10769-2010) the baby of the regulation that waits for raw material with rice, wheaten, black rice complementary feed, compasses of contaminant set limit to is surely inside, inorganic in adding the infant corn of alga to assist food arsenic does not exceed 0.3mg/kg, other baby complementary the set limit to of inorganic arsenic in feeding is 0.2mg/kg.

” set limit to of the contaminant in food ” regulation, the inorganic arsenic set limit to in rice is 0.15mg/kg, flour 0.1mg/kg, 0.2mg/kg of food grains other than wheat and rice.

Note: 1mg (milligram) =1000 microgramme


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