Man long life eats these 7 kinds of food more


Man long life eats these 7 kinds of food more


The male wants health, among them very important one link is food, tomato, carrot, cabbage or green beautiful dish are big to male health the food that has profit, the man should eat these food more. Look together rapidly.


In the time that does not have antibiotic, garlic is acting important helping part. Before necessary salt follows garlic when march, salt uses complement mineral, garlic is used antiseptic with precautionary disease. Latter, garlic also can be reduced by discovery cholesterol.

But unripe garlic is hot excitant strong, gastritis, sore throat, haemorrhoid, eye is red, accordingly long the person of whelk, unfavorable eat garlic raw. Avoid hollow edible garlic, can use boil, fry or do pickle, reduce its acrimony stimulation. Or it is tie-in boiled dumpling, cooked wheaten food eats together, hurt a stomach not easily.

Man long life eats these 7 kinds of food more

  Pine nut

The pine nut like pearl, apply in conventional drive board extensive, all along is regarded as to have nourishing powerful body effect. The grease component with substantial pine nut, not only can help defecate, return OK and moist skin.

In the meantime, pine nut is high grade grease origin, contain multivariate not saturated fatty acid, can alleviate inflammation reaction. Pine nut quantity of heat is higher, scatter a dot to be on meal at ordinary times, every time a small.

   Turkey chest

Proposal: Eat turkey chest 3 times every week, absorb 85 grams every time, contain 72 units quantity of heat.

The turkey brisket of flay of every 30 grams contains 7 grams protein, can promote muscle effectively to grow. Turkey meat still contains a lot ofvitamin B, zinc (can promote a cell to grow) fight Selenium of cancerous element ” with “ . The expert says: “ turkey meat contains rich amino acid, do not have saturation almost however adipose, this bit is very healthy. Turkey meat contains a lot ofprotein to produce satiated move easily also, avoided guzzle likelihood thereby. ”

  Black soya bean

Proposal: Take food 2 times every week, every 225 grams contain quantity of heat 227 units.

Although volume of black soya bean is very minor, but with other food photograph comparing can make your feeling energetic, longer more however inside won’t feel hungry. The reason has at 2 o’clock: Above all, black soya bean contains a lot ofcellulose, effectively fill your stomach, produce satiated move; Next, the carbohydrate with a kind of very complex structure is contained in black soya bean, should change into inside body you can let keep daylong energy when energy. With the flesh kind food is identical, a large number of protein also are contained in black soya bean, but do not have the flesh however kind the saturation that exists generally is adipose. The expert says: Home “ dietetics is accepted all sorts of legume food contain more protein. ” that why does the expert have to favour of “ of black soya bean add ” ? The answer is very simple, because be compared with other legume photograph,that is, black soya bean contains some cellulose more.


Proposal: Eat 3-7 every week egg, every egg contains 74 units quantity of heat about.

Dietetics home expresses, people should have an egg everyday. The egg contains a lot ofhuman body muscle to grow must the compound vitamin of amino acid and can promotional memory- – choline element. The egg is one of origin with choline the the richest, most reliable element.

Man long life eats these 7 kinds of food more

 Sweet potato

Proposal: Take food every week, quantity of heat of every 100 units.

Of 120 grams sweet the β- carotene that the potato can satisfy our day to need, still contain C of rich iron, vitamin and E. These elements can help the body resist the cell of all sorts of types is injured, be in to those limit cycle condition (downy, cold, burning hot with pollution) in the athlete of training has profit especially. The home expresses athletic dietetics, sweet the potato is high strenth trains junior travel muscle to restore first-rate food. And cooking is sweet potato, just bake not just, evaporate perhaps deserves to go up sauce, you still can try cold and dressed with sause, add some of chili or make it salad. You are OK also sweet put in hamburger after potato section or in sandwich, carbonado with oven earth up potato also be very good idea.


Proposal: Eat 3-4 every week second, every 58 grams, contain 163 units quantity of heat.

Beef contains a lot ofthe protein that can promote muscle to grow not only, still have a lot of iron and zinc, can promote circulatory system health. In fact, a variety of nutrition elements that eat the beef of 3 ounce to be able to satisfy you to need everyday every time, include protein, vitamin B6, B12, and selenium, phosphor, nicotinic acid and riboflavin. Is those who worry about beef adipose? Actually need not. According to the data of American Ministry of Agriculture, thin ” of the “ before the beef on the market has compared 10 years today 20% . To buy adipose do not break lesser again however fresh and tender with delicate beef, choose those marking a price there is the ” on “ on the card or the sort of “ coping ” , take namely go up oneself the beef of coping of backbone of the waist after buttock is mixed.


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