Leather egg cannot eat together with what food


Leather egg cannot eat together with what food


Leather egg has preserved egg, grey package again egg, change the name such as the egg, the product of egg of a kind of gust that is tradition of our country the Han nationality. Mouth of mouthfeel bright Hua Shuang, lubricious fragrance all has original place. Leather egg is to suffer us not only of domestic broad consumer love, and great reputation also is being enjoyed on the international market. The gust of leather egg is special, can appetitive. So below follow small make up go treating those food together cannot leather egg an edible?

  Soft-shelled turtle

Leather egg cannot eat together with what, soft-shelled turtle is firstly, soft-shelled turtle common calls water fish, bastard and soft-shelled turtle, it is to belong to oviparous reptile, live in amphibious. Soft-shelled turtle is to cannot be mixed leather egg commensal, because be contained in leather egg,do not have lead in great quantities, it can affect the nutrient value with original soft-shelled turtle, and the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year that can make the nutrient value of soft-shelled turtle much, we should be special in because this is in,living daily attention, do not mix leather egg soft-shelled turtle at the same time edible.

Leather egg cannot eat together with what food


We have plum had eaten, summer is a large number of appearing on the market season of plum, we are in chronically now anteprandial eat one bit fruit to have a meal again first, have plum possibly inside anteprandial fruit.

Because this is small,write a proposal everybody, if there is leather egg to have plum again on your table, suggest you take one of edible, additionally one kind can stay to eat again, have profit so to your body. Plum we are feed with delicacy give priority to, in leather egg without lead the nutrition inside its meeting plum becomes cent happening to conflict, if at the same time the word of edible can cause body unwell. Leather egg cannot eat together with what, plum also is to include those who be inside.

 Leather egg cannot eat together with what food

 Brown sugar

We know brown sugar is the good helper that I make some food, drink tea of ginger brown sugar to still have the effect that studies dysmenorrhoea, then you still know leather egg cannot eat together with what, brown sugar it is included among them.

If you like to drink red syrup, so small write a proposal you eat leather egg less as far as possible, because leather egg is not OK with brown sugar commensal, in this feed noticing certainly before so we are eating leather egg, have with leather egg cannot commensal food, if do not have you but bold edible, if some words are about,notice.



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