Laboratory director grinds oneself lean lean choice is made secretly on prescription automation line



The knowledge that by right of oneself chemical major acquires, experience that has worked in pharmaceutical factory, liu Mou grinds actually gave out recipe of lean lean essence, steal drag out an ignoble existence to because the worker does not know chemical technique more,produce …… in the workshop of normalization factory, come a few years unexpectedly what is what nobody discover production comes out after all.

Laboratory director grinds oneself lean lean choice is made secretly on prescription automation line

The reporter saves know of Public Security Department from Henan, henan saves police to detect case of ” of essence of “ lean lean already successfully, experience case 95 people already were controlled by police.

After Henan saved exposure of case of ” of essence of “ lean lean on March 15, overtake the line, investigation train of thought that checks ” of network of fountainhead, break according to “ , on March 22, case headquarters expedites two to capture group, save salty in relief city and city of Henan province Luoyang to sell 2 seed of “ lean lean in Henan churchyard in Shaanxi respectively”basically go up line Chen Mou, Xiao Mou is seized, the finished product of ” of essence of “ lean lean that seizes its conceal in place of old some relative, semi-manufactured goods and treatment facilities. On March 25, case group visits 10 lasher town in Hubei Liu Mou of suspect of will main crime (person of in relief city of Hubei province assist) capture, and end of with one action dropped his to be south assist in relief city Zhang county the nest of ” of essence of lean lean of “ of a of 8 springs village illegal production selects 9 market town. On March 29, case group visits Changzhou town in Jiangsu the accessory Xi Mou Liu Mou (person of city of Jiangsu province Changzhou) seize. So far, case of this ” of essence of “ lean lean that causes major effect in the whole nation is accused broken. Up to now, this case already was controlled case adopt coercive measures 95 people.


On March 15, CCTV exposure and other places of city of Henan the first month, lukewarm county a few hoggery, use live pig of feed of ” of essence of lean lean of “ of banned animal drug. Henan saves a Public Security Department to establish case group quickly, what hurried off to incident to be involved that day is anxious make, new rural area, obtain fine with aid source and other places, controlled personnel of 14 experience case. Offer according to its narrate, the ” of essence of “ lean lean in their hand is from Zhengzhou one calls Liu Jian buy in the hand of course of study, however, after case group finds Liu to build line of business, discover its are not had however commit the crime condition and commit the crime motive, his Id is early a few years ago already missing!

Police investigates know, liu builds the identity document with missing course of study, by Zhengzhou a surname old the person is being used for a long time. This National People’s Congress measures time to do business of lean lean energy namely, he at ordinary times have nothing to do is card games, gamble. From 2007 later, discover he is rapid cruel rich, bought house property, bought a car additionally. Whole Zhengzhou city does the jobber of lean lean essence, it is to pass Chen Mou to approve those who send commonly. But right now, chen Mou hears wind to escape already, in Shaanxi on March 22 Xian Yang is captured. Same day, staff of the another string on the name is like some to be seized in Luoyang. Through initial trial, those who although be lean lean essence,resemble some two people is Chen Mou, main go up line salesperson, but they can be not produced. The manufacturing treatment of lean lean essence has nest place additionally.

Police closed down Chen Mou’s bank gets stuck, in trade in the record, the remittance in the Liu Mou account that discovers this world of assist of Hubei of frequentation of Chen Mou classics. After some is captured, Liu admits, the lean lean refined salt that sells past Henan is acerbity Kelunteluo, by him himself research and development is produced. After the accident, wife tear to shreds of Liu Mou is all Zhang wait for evidential material originally. Anxious make public security bureau of city lukewarm county organizing 10 policemens joining together everyday these lacerate evidence.

It is reported, so far, between seized guilty suspect, preliminary maintain having 3 people among them is double collect a company to purchase a staff member, have 3 additionally person and double collect a company to have relevant business.

  Make carry out

 With close of exterior of chemical plant product

 Come a few years nobody know is lean lean essence

In the 9 market town of assist in relief city, one assists 9 essence refine a factory. 2007, liu Mou finds the chief of chemical plant of this civilian battalion, say oneself know chemical technique, can product of joint development chemical industry 2 chloric nicotinic acid. In the factory take out a workshop technically to produce 2 chloric nicotinic acid, will hold the position of workshop director by Liu Mou. All raw material are purchased, equipment is used, manufacturing management is in charge of by Liu Mou full-fledged member. After developing 2 chloric nicotinic acid to succeed, liu Mou is OK deduct a percentage from a sum of money 70% , carry only in the factory 30% .

Laboratory director grinds oneself lean lean choice is made secretly on prescription automation line

Nevertheless, liu Mou’s responsible 2 chloric nicotinic acid are developed and do not succeed, market market is bad also. But Liu Mou ferial job is very active however, production, research, every day not at a loose end. Come till police, close down chemical plant, the ability in the factory knows, liu Mou is producing acid of lean lean refined salt secretly in the dark Kelunteluo.

Feng Yue of assistant total team leader defends total fleet of public security of Henan province Public Security Department tell a reporter, liu Mou besides essence of manufacturing lean lean, still produce a few legal chemical industry products at the same time, draped a relatively lawful appearance to him so, public security mechanism discovers this is among them secret very hard also.

Lean lean essence is common says, belong to smooth asthma kind medicaments. It includes hydrochloric acid Kelunteluo, Laikeduoba a variety of material such as amine. Because poisonous side effect is very big, going up early century 90 time end, in be being made by force prohibit be being raised in the animal by the country, use. Occupy Liu Mou to explain, the lean lean seed that he produces, he himself studies development comes out.

Be in lukewarm county detention house, liu Mou tells a reporter, did in chemical circle all the time because of oneself fast 20 years, also want to have oneself scope of operation. 2007, jiangsu person Xi Mou says refined salt of the lean lean on the market is acerbity Kelunteluo market is very good, ask he can be done? Liu Mou agreed readily.

Liu Mou is 42 years old, hubei assist in relief person, hubei major of chemical industry of institute of some three-year institution of higher learning graduates, have to chemical technology study, ever was worker of some state-operated pharmaceutical factory. He and Xi Mou had discussed: Xi Mou will sell (lean lean essence) , liu Mou comes research and development and production (lean lean essence) . Make chemical base by right of oneself, work later knew probably technological process. Used 4 months time, liu Mou eventually trial-produce succeeded lean lean refined salt is acerbity Kelunteluo.

After the test is successful, he gives the Chen Mou of the Xi Mou of Jiangsu, Henan finished product, let their provisions pig door try out. Discover the result is right, then Liu Mou finds assist in relief city to assist 9 careful chemical plant negotiate collaboration, with joint development the name of 2 chloric nicotinic acid, obtained workshop and facility, begin production.

2 chloric nicotinic acid and hydrochloric acid of lean lean essence process of Kelunteluo that make is basic and same, the finished product exterior that production comes out also ten split phase are close, distinguish not easily. The worker that adds a workshop does not know chemical technique commonly, listen to Liu Mou completely to direct. The demand that because this Liu Mou is OK,the basis gets offline, be produced at any time and place and be not discovered.

Liu Mou says, pure white of essence of a kilogram of lean lean is 2000 money, 100 kilograms are 200 thousand yuan. Rich and generous profit let Liu Mou find a shortcut that get rich. All these that oneself do in the dark, liu Mou includes his wife to keep secret to everybody.


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