How to discern steamed bread of corn of true and false



Identify method of ” of steamed bread of colored “ corn very simple and easy, look namely 2 hear 3 bleb.

How to discern steamed bread of corn of true and false

 See the color of the steamed bread. Corn face grain is big, no matter how be,do not do those who give the glistening corn steamed bread with whole even colour and lustre. If color is pure yellow, outside and smooth, buy ” of such “ corn steamed bread best and discreet. Additional, corn flour is coarser than flour, if break a steamed bread to discover ” of “ corn steamed bread and common flour steamed bread are euqally smooth, steamed bread of this kind of corn is suspectable.

  2 it is the odour that smells a steamed bread, the fragrance of ” of “ corn steamed bread that adds spice is pungent, corn flavour is too thick.

  3 it is to use bleb, be about to the steamed bread is broken in breaking bubble enters water, view the facial expression of water, if the color of water becomes the color with the steamed bread is same, that is pigment steamed bread. The color of water is brighter, pigment content is higher.


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