How is senile plaque formed? How should senile plaque prevent?


Senile plaque, often be called again ” of “ Shou Ban, appear black Brown, size is differ, a little big edition piece still meet appreciably is raised, submit compressed form. Senile plaque just as its name implies, good hair go up at the common and bare skin of old people, ” of spot of pigment of “ senile sex is in what say on medicine. Return somebody to think, eat soy to meet those who cause senile plaque generate.

How is senile plaque formed?

1, metabolic ability ebbs

The addition of human body skin as the age and ageing, human body metabolism is slow, of blood current not free, pigment precipitates easily in the skin, year in year out comes down to appear senile plaque.

2, insolation is overmuch

The place that senile plaque appears often is in ministry of facial, hand, this is the injury of the solar illuminate as a result of year in year out, the ultraviolet ray in sunlight is caused to the skin destroy, bring about the skin to lack water, attenuate, increase the odds that senile plaque produces thereby.

3, not saturated and adipose absorb

Food carelessly, absorbed not saturated fatty acid is after oxidation, be united in wedlock with protein photograph, can generate a few melanin to precipitate in the skin, as the addition of the age, slow metabolicly, human body cannot eduction these black grain, accumulation is inside the skin, form spot piece.

4, constipation

As the growth of the age, the function of each respect of old people has the fall of certain level, speed of alvine path peristalsis slows, the case that has constipation easily appears, the many toxin in bringing about human body piles up, cannot outside normal eduction body.

5, genetic element

Senile plaque also has certain genetic factor, having partial multitude is stain suffers from sexual skin easily to pledge.

The skin that causes by the reason of these a few respects is proliferous, the hyperplasia that can produce a few normal melanin cells and black of Brown pigment generate.

How is senile plaque formed? How should senile plaque prevent?

How should senile plaque prevent?

As the changes of the times, people sends more pay attention to the exterior, appear in the skin these stain let love beautiful personage to cannot be received, so can senile plaque prevent? Should how as far as possible prevent senile plaque?

1, notice food is balanced and tie-in

Notice dietary collocation, decrease to be absorbed adiposely especially, can use a plant adipose replace, wait for vegetable oil like soya-bean oil, Kui Zihua oil for example, intake also wants to be controlled somewhat.

2, eat more contain a lot ofprandial fibrous food

Eat more contain a lot ofprandial fibrous food, can accelerate the peristalsis that bowel, alleviate costive symptom, the toxin that discharges those who give the body in time.

3, the attention is prevented bask in

Adopt physics to prevent at ordinary times bask in and chemistry is prevented bask in etc prevent bask in means, can slow down sunlight is to damage to the skin, decelerate skin consenescence speed, prevent the growth of senile plaque. At the same time can the food that edible contains a lot ofvitamin E, for example corn, vegetable, soja, in necessary when OK also vitamin E replenishers is taken below the doctor’s proposal.

4, the work and rest that keeps good

Time of good work and rest, decrease stay up late etc, can reduce the precipitation of melanin effectively.


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