Have the 3 big reason of brunet vegetable more


Have the 3 big reason of brunet vegetable more


   Vegetable sort has a lot of, can divide from its exterior for light color vegetable and brunet vegetable. The course considers to discover, the nutrient value in brunet vegetable wants than light color vegetable on the whole tall, the brunet vegetable that we think at ordinary times basically shows bottle green, gules, nacarat, amaranth is vegetable.

   What nutrition advantage does brunet vegetable have? Be less than say to everybody.

   Brunet vegetable contains a lot ofcarotene, especially β- carotene, this is the main source of A of Chinese dweller vitamin. In addition, brunet vegetable still is contained other a variety of pigment material are like red element of chlorophyll, lutein, tomato, cyanine element to wait.


   Balmy material is contained a lot ofin brunet vegetable, and rich active pigment gifts vegetable and special colour, gust is mixed aroma, have appetitive effect, present a few special physiology active.

   The time that brunet vegetable engages with sunshine commonly is longer, and main with the leaf kind give priority to, its are prandial fiber content relatively light color vegetable wants tall, often eat conduce to alvine path health.


   Common bottle green is vegetable: Leaf of cold food of spinach, cole, winter, celery, water spinach (hollow dish) , asparagus lettuce leaf, mustard, on the west tassel of dish of orchid, West, shallot, crowndaisy chrysanthemum, leek, turnip.

   Common red, nacarat is vegetable: Tomato, carrot, pumpkin, chili.

   Common amaranth is vegetable: Dish of red three-colored amaranth, violet wild cabbage, Ji.

   The good kind that has brunet vegetable is cooked food and rather than is eaten raw. The cooked food of vegetable major proposal with deep color, color is light and quality of a material is fragile tender vegetable can be eaten raw. And the temperature when cooking does not want exorbitant, cook means should delicate little oil, because of the water-solubility vitamin that contains a lot ofamong them, be like vitamin C.


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