Gansu Province milk casts poisonous case murderer to be a couple



The Gansu Province makes the same score cool government 11 days afternoon 4 when “4·7” is held to cast poisonous case press conference to say in smooth cool guesthouse, personnel of technology of detect of punishment of mechanism of classics public security relapses survey produce the expected result, investigation obtains evidence, examine appraisal, showing the affirmatory already murderer that send poison is Kong cave Wu Mou of villager of village of beach of short for the Jinghe River of Ouliu lake countryside and partnership of Ma Mou’s couple commit the crime.

Gansu Province milk casts poisonous case murderer to be a couple

Plan of Wu Zhen of spokesman of news of smooth cool municipal government says, in the case investigation job obtains great evolutional at the same time, the cure job with toxic current staff also goes well, accept remedial personnel for the most part already heal leaves hospital. He still calls “ all and toxic patient all medical treatment charge during be in hospital will assume ” entirely by the government.

“ up to 12 days 12 when, because send 36 patients of poisonous case hospitalization this, already 31 safety are cured leave hospital. Plan of ” Wu Zhen says, the others 5 toxic symptoms disappear basically also, because be admitted to hospital before contract the disease such as cold, hidebound, hypertension, will continue to leave a courtyard to observe cure, without add dead case of illness newly.

Wu Zhen plan says, smooth cool municipal government already included enterprise of milk cow breed aquatics, individual breed aquatics to this city door, bright grandma deserves to send station and point of sales, food to machined enterprise and meal unit to undertake the platoon is checked helping net style. “ at the same time, the breed aquatics that we return pair of smooth cool all production to sell bulk milk door all undertook appearance is suckled collection, send the Gansu Province to detect next the branch has laboratory test, the result all is qualification, it is to be at ease grandma. He expresses ” .

After the press conference ends, wu Zhen pursues chase in the “ of reporter of much home media in intercepting ” , still not be willing to divulge smooth cool “4·7” drops detail of poisonous case more, just say “ wants to understand detailed situation, go ” of specific responsibility branch.


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