Gansu Province makes the same score cool doubt milky toxic incident already had 15 patients to cure



Gansu Province made the same score cool government to hold a news conference in smooth cool city at 9 days of dusks, faced a society to report doubt of this city “4·7” to be like bromatoxism incident cure to deal with working progress circumstance. To at present, 36 patients that make the same score cool city doubt to be like bromatoxism be in hospital die except 3 people outside, already 15 patients are cured leave hospital, style of life of the others patient is asked for smooth, the illness tends improve.

Gansu Province makes the same score cool doubt milky toxic incident already had 15 patients to cure

“ is admitted to hospital the much in toxic patient is children, 3 personnel that already died all are 2 years old of the following infants. ” Gansu Province makes the same score cool municipal Party committee to publicize ministry minister Zhou Fengzhen to say on the party, according to preliminary investigation, doubt is like bromatoxism case of illness to all had taken bulk milk, according to the little patient clinical expression, patient doubt is like nitrite toxic.

Zhou Fengzhen complements, already was admitted to hospital in main bring a patient out of danger toxic patient while, already bred enterprise, individual breed aquatics to whole town milk cow door, bright grandma deserves to send station and point of sales, food to machined enterprise and meal unit to undertake the platoon is checked helping net style, investigate stoutly break the law violate compasses add material of other blame edible and abusive additive behavior, ensure do not produce new toxic episode.

After “ accident, we still launched epidemiology investigation, adopt only group combinative method executes investigation of the type that help a network, chase a platoon to check edible circumstance of poisonous milk personnel. Further explanation says ” Zhou Fengzhen, this includes to send toward hospital cure instantly to having semiotic personnel, close down instantly to the factory of two milk cow that be suspected of, control measure to concerning personnel to adopt, launch incident reason investigation, undertake to toxic personnel and its family member psychological dredge and thought are comforted at the same time.


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