Gansu Province makes the same score cool bulk milk to send poison 3 infants die



  ■ 3 infant doubt drink “ bulk grandma is toxic die ” is tracked

Gansu Province makes the same score cool bulk milk to send poison 3 infants die

Smooth cool city is urgent deal with group of toxic incident leader reports “4·7” milk 10 days say, toxic incident affirms milk of area of cave of Kong of smooth cool city for the especially big case that send poison.

Smooth cool city is urgent deal with group of toxic incident leader publicizes “4·7” milk group of bulletins that offerred fact of above of record and narrate to the reporter. The bulletin says, after toxic incident happens, branch of public security of smooth cool city spreads out a case to detect the job with all one’s strength, in Public Security Department of the Ministry of Public Security, the Gansu Province the technologist’s guidance issues punishment detect, classics spot relapses survey produce the expected result, investigation obtains evidence, examine appraisal, affirm this case is the especially big case that send poison, guilty suspect already was seized by public security mechanism, the case detects the job to obtain major breakthrough, trial and investigation obtain evidence the job is undertaking further in.

Area of cave of Kong of smooth on April 7 cool city produces milk toxic incident, 39 toxic patients are sent cure of two hospitals of past place, the patient is in the majority with 14 years old of the following children. Among them, 3 infants die, all be less than 2 years old, the smallest be less than two months.

   ■ investigation

  The patient thinks nitrite is toxic truly

9 days afternoon, the reporter understands from public security bureau of Kong cave area, after the accident, mechanism of two class public security goes to area of cave of smooth cool city, Kong before many 60 policeman is rapid hospital and experience case cattle farm are investigated, and the puke the patient, gastric juice and leftover milk, send toward cool city of peace of province Public Security Department to pledge inspect bureau has identification respectively.

Zhu Lemin of deputy director general of public security bureau of Kong cave area tells a reporter, according to appraisal, affirm the patient spends nitrite for Gao Nong toxic. Nitrite is a kind of additive agent for food, mix in brawn commonly use when the bacon that make, but it is minim is used, in make the same score store of cool a few hardware to be able to be bought.

Current, police is right already breed when the thing a Ma Mou and other a few people give control. In addition, police still launchs investigation to nitrite sale status. Be aimed at this incident, medicines and chemical reagents of food of Kong cave area supervises Xue Yulin of management board director to say, the bases of nitrite is inferior sodium nitrate, this kind of material won’t produce commonly in milk.

Gansu Province makes the same score cool bulk milk to send poison 3 infants die

 ■ seek by inquiry

 Suckle local public praise by the bulk that send poison pretty good

9 days morning, the reporter will be located in the farm of Ma Mou of side of north of equestrian lane village. After the accident, this cattle farm is closed down by police, the stable that grows 229 meters already by clear sky. Tens of renown policemans are being investigated near the farm. The reporter understands, share two cattle farm to be closed down, suspicion personnel is controlled investigation.

Jin Le of director of village of equestrian lane village tells a reporter, ma Mou is not local, fasten hire field to breed, breed ox at first, changed last year raise milk cow. In Ma Mou farm next door, surname breed aquatics door also raising 20 milk cow, two people close leased the space that breeds cooperation. Ma Mou humanness is very enthusiastic, the milk of his home is in village public praise is pretty good. A list that offers according to Jin Le shows, equestrian lane village has 26 people to appear early or late toxic symptom and hospitalization, these people the bright grandma that edible crosses Ma Mou farm.


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