Double collect manager spot to chew ignore of look on coldly of ham bowel citizen



Fall because of incident of ” of essence of “ lean lean after wearing many days 20, double collect ripe meat products to sell each in the our city yesterday field is new on frame. The product safety that wears to prove to go up afresh is at ease, director of district of double assemble round Chongqing is selling field engorge ham bowel, but this action draws citizen “ to know early only however now why at the outset the Leng Feng of ” .

Double collect manager spot to chew ignore of look on coldly of ham bowel citizen

Yesterday midday, the reporter is in in spot of inn of brook of red flag of 100 storage supermarket sees, filled up with pair of shop that assemble a product go up, much all sorts of conduct propaganda data and detect report, still putting full the ham bowel section of two dish. There is toothpick in dish, manager of surname of horse of area of double assemble round Chongqing is heading staff of a few sales promotion client of ceaseless accost contact samples. See somebody is watched, sales promotion personnel instigates with respect to oneself ham bowel section fills in in past mouth, before long equestrian manager with respect to get down nearly half.

See reporter of Chongqing evening paper enquires, equestrian manager pours bitter water greatly, say: After incident of essence of “ lean lean, chongqing supermarket collects next the product is overall wearing many pairs 30, many days 20 come sales volume decreases 1 million yuan a few. The product that ” wears to let a citizen believe to go up afresh is safety is at ease food, they are forced to arrive helplessly bowel of spot engorge ham.

The supermarket concerns personnel introduction, this double collect ripe meat products to go up afresh frame, ham bowel mixes the blessing beauty that took 100 grams to taste “ newly to play fragile ” to make special offer, price of the others variety did not change almost.

Although spot of sales promotion personnel chews ham bowel greatly, more surrounding view citizen or cool detachment look upon, think this is to make nevertheless beautiful just. Live in garden of California of change north area the Yan Nv of A ridgepole person say: “ problem went ability to come this one action, it is to do appearance to look to us apparently. ” lives in river north Ou Jianxin east 145 Mr Liu says the way: “ knows early such, why should use lean lean energy at the outset? Why not good close? ”

  A bitter pill to swallow

Double after because be worn below incident of lean lean essence,assembling a product many days 20, district director is no problem to prove his thing and bowel of spot engorge ham, it is typical crisis public relations. But without giving thought to how public relations, say well as the client: Know early such, why at the outset?

Double the trouble that collect, spoken parts in an opera him manufacturer caused. If do food safety at the outset,reach the designated position, complete now need not such in a state of anxiety like that, also do not have a client to be able to make carding comments. Said again, let sales promotion personnel keep eating ham bowel in order to prove the product is pure, eat beat appetite issue small, want to fill stomach bad really, be afraid of in the factory still must calculate inductrial injury, can that have new trouble again?

Food safety issue closes the health of each consumer, do food production to must have conscience. If oneself lost conscience first, more or less does redo of after the event work, be afraid of is hard remedial.


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