Controller of company of coloring steamed bread is controlled consumer but 10 times claim for compensation



Branch of limited company of Shanghai Cheng Lu food is joined in the steamed bread by exposure pigment, antiseptic, melt down expires steamed bread, change manufacturing date, the sale after making ” of “ coloring steamed bread goes to many famous supermarket such as Shanghai China couplet, couplet China. Last night, total bureau of national qualitative check makes known his position to ask to father check ” of “ coloring steamed bread to violate act. The reporter visits Beijing field to discover, the steamed bread of Beijing makes carry out ” for “ spot more, before city industrial and commercial bureau expresses this for many times routine sampling observation did not discover Beijing has ” of “ coloring steamed bread.

Controller of company of coloring steamed bread is controlled consumer but 10 times claim for compensation

 Shanghai wears company controller below steamed bread of more than 1000 6 coloring controlled wear below Shanghai seal up for keeping 16 thousand steamed bread

According to CCTV ” consumption advocates ” report, steamed bread of the alleged corn range that the much home supermarket such as Shanghai China couplet, couplet China sells, black rice, actual it is the ” of “ coloring steamed bread that branch of limited company of Shanghai Cheng Lu food violates to join flour pigment be made, fill salary company to still change the steamed bread of go back production at the same time date, optional add the behavior such as antiseptic and sweet element.

Last night, the country pledges Li Yuanping of spokesman of news of check total bureau expresses, qualitative check total bureau asks Shanghai pledges inspect bureau fathers clearly already check punish severely, determined blow, absolutely not be irresolute when firmness is needed. According to qualitative check total bureau introduces, shanghai is at present qualitative inspect bureau already the same night fills salary food limited company to undertake investigating to Shanghai, close down the evidence such as Zhang of stage of notes of production of the additive agent for food of experience case, product, sale, instruct company stop production to rectify and product of recall experience case, company controller also is adopted to control measure by door of the Ministry of Public Security. Current, bureau of Shanghai qualitative inspect is making a thorough investigation of further the flow direction of the sale status of this enterprise and experience case product.

According to message of Xinhua News Agency, shanghai mayor Han Zheng expresses, investigate thorough this case, punish severely lawfully, thorough checks a process to will be made public to the society, check where to announce. 12 days, shanghai held water to be a group leader by municipal government leader, quality technology is supervised, the associated board of inquiry that committee member of the relevant section such as industrial and commercial, public security and delegate of partial Shanghai National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference comprises. Shanghai still will be inside whole town limits to congener product production management enterprise begins comprehensive inspection. Up to 12 days 16 when, shanghai falls in all frame, seal up for keeping the steamed bread that branch of limited company of Shanghai Cheng Lu food produces 16 thousand, involve much home supermarket.

Beijing is industrial and commercial have not receive similar inform against

The citizen that the incident of ” of “ coloring steamed bread of Shanghai lets Beijing for a short while also heart impeach Lv. Yesterday, the reporter is in a few supermarkets of Beijing, market to see, the staple food product such as the steamed bread is the spot makes carry out commonly, produce oneself sell oneself, some branches are deserved to send by manufacturer home. Nevertheless, the sale as usual yesterday, the corn face steamed bread of some places arrives afternoon when had sold.

Yesterday, concerned personage of industrial and commercial bureau introduces Beijing, did not receive a citizen to be opposite at present of coloring steamed bread complain and inform against, and industrial and commercial general at ordinary times metropolis spreads out Beijing the sampling observation of routine, cover the staple food of steamed bread and so on, the problem had not discovered before this.

Be had by the supermarket of exposure as a result of Shanghai China couplet, the citizen does not know the China couplet of China couplet and this Beijing is what relation. To this, investment of group of boreal capital couplet accuses a limited company to say, china couplet of boreal capital couplet and Shanghai is two supermarkets that run independently, without any relations.

■ seek by inquiry

Beijing supermarket steamed bread makes carry out for the spot more

Have supermarket proposal, the product that does not sell go back manufacturer needs to get be superintendencied further

Reporter of report from our correspondent understood yesterday, the supermarket such as Le Fu of the content beauty of Beijing, home has staple food kitchen commonly, steamed bread spot makes a sale.

Yesterday afternoon, be in the supermarket of suitable weather government office of abundant stage, there is one lot outside the shopwindow of kitchen of its staple food all sorts of using food bag is simple and easy the steamed bread that pack. The salesperson said to hear of ” of “ coloring steamed bread, but spot treatment, add pigment, antiseptic impossibly.

Another business door says, steamed bread every price is not high, if still add additive, “ cost is not economical ” , and added additive, the customer that often buys can eat to come out, flavour is different, not was necessary to be added casually.

Outside the steamed bread that makes carry out besides the spot, in the many supermarkets such as grand of guest of suitable weather government office, Beijing, also other production manufacturer deserves to send the in bags of the supermarket the steamed bread, if arrange product of day of many steamed breads that there are two companies in government office, steamed bread of corn. This kind outside should grow what the expiration period of sent steamed bread label compares staple food kitchen commonly a few, it is more 3 to 5 days, the salesperson says “ comes home put freezer in, won’t degenerative ” .

Don’t these steamed breads sell how be handled? Most supermarket says general meeting returns manufacturer. Produce the chief of paddy sweet village of the steamed bread to weigh withdrawal expire steamed bread should destroy by melting or burning.

A supermarket personage that does not wish to disclose a full name tells a reporter, manufacturer of odd product go back, need the domain that the government sector superintends just about, should control manufacturing company product destroy by melting or burning, may appear otherwise the circumstance of ” of melt down of “ of opposite period steamed bread.

■ small stick person

Organic flavour can identify ” of “ coloring steamed bread

Product of a steamed bread arrives from production before entering a sale, link of what careful check to need? Yesterday, the chief of sweet village of paddy of old name Beijing that has steamed bread product introduces, to raw material flour, the supplier that can ask to secure is offerred regularly detect report. Him manufacturer has detect center, can undertake examining to the steamed bread that produces everyday. And qualitative inspect branch also can have routine to examine to the enterprise. To shun a product superfluous, it is commonly in order to sell a system of fixed quotas for grain production.

How does the ” of “ coloring steamed bread that added pigment, antiseptic discern? Personage of Beijing paddy sweet village says, differentiate what must need major to examine to just can affirm truly, but consumer also can discern simply from sense organ, flavour an a few differences. True corn face steamed bread is light yellow, can see a few petty corn fibril grain, and the steamed bread that added pigment looks not quite natural, color is heavier, do not look to give corn fibril. When tasting, corn face steamed bread can contain delicate corn scent, and the steamed bread flavour that uses pigment only is very heavy.

■ relevant news

 Consumer of ” of “ coloring steamed bread but 10 times claim for compensation

In disappear assist the lawyer grows Qiu Baochang to think behavior of Shanghai coloring steamed bread is suspected of crime all round

In disappear assist the lawyer grows Qiu Baochang to say all round, standard of national food safety has a regulation to additive, cannot be added at will or violate compasses exceed a quantity to add. With respect to ” of “ coloring steamed bread, “ coloring ” is unallowed, coloring element pretends to be corn face, it is fraudulent to a kind of consumer action.

Qiu Baochang says, generator is person of the first responsibility, if the supermarket is known perfectly well have a problem and sell, also want to assume responsibility, according to ” food safety law ” , if sell unqualified food to cause losing, consumer but seek redress is actual loss, OK still to manufacturing business or the 10 times compensation that distributors asks to purchase food cost.

He expresses at the same time, food safety is Chongzhongzhi is weighed, the action that produces false and inferior food is too harsh. Production, sale does not accord with the food of wholesome standard, enough causes serious bromatoxism accident, cause a harm to human body, our country criminal law has relevant regulation the 143rd times. Qiu Baochang thinks, behavior of ” of steamed bread of Shanghai “ coloring already was suspected of crime.


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