Coloring steamed bread endangers health



Corn steamed bread, get because of nutrition, material benefit the favour of consumer. But if say the corn steamed bread of the yellow that you eat is,had caught look, do you believe? The supermarket of Shanghai China couplet of exposure sells coloring steamed bread now, make a person shocking! According to the reporter dark visit, the date that will old steamed bread appeared of the steamed bread to affix newest production in producing a course, expire treatment of steamed bread melt down is ” of “ new steamed bread, chaos to use sweet element, Shan Li the phenomenon such as acerbity Potassium and antiseptic. In addition, the wholesome state in producing a course is not hopeful also. So, ate the additive in these coloring steamed breads, what harm can you have? Consider to discover, these violate the likelihood inside additive short time to won’t have great and malign effect, but long-term likelihood affects the factor such as children intelligence, cause cancer even.

Coloring steamed bread endangers health

 Hill pear acerbity Potassium

Hill pear acerbity Potassium is colorless crystallize to white scale shape or crystallization sex is pulverous, without smelly or have a stink a bit. Not stable in air. Can be oxidized chromatic. They have extremely faint noxiousness to the person, but it is a kind of not saturated fatty acid (salt) , absorb and can be decomposed quickly to be carbon dioxide and water by the metabolization system of human body, remain is not had inside body. But because our country is current food safety consciousness is thin, a few manufacturer for managing cost, use the benzoic acid natrium that has noxiousness to replace hill pear acerbity Potassium, its noxiousness won’t make person instantly deadly, or appear instantly bigger disease, but it may make the body a kind of hidden trouble, bring very big the possibility that catchs the of all kinds disease such as cancer.

   Sweet element

Sweet element (Sucralose) , its change formal name to call link personal radical amino sulphur acerbity natrium, it is the commonly used additive in food production. Sweet element is agent of a kind of commonly used sweet taste, its are sweet degree of 30 ~ that are sucrose 40 times. Consumer if often the beverage that content of edible sweetness element exceeds bid or other provision, because absorb excessive to be mixed to the liver of human body,meet neurological cause a harm, harm of the old person with the younger ability that discharges poison to metabolization especially, pregnant woman, child is more apparent.

Originate to the suspicion of sweet element security what contain among them is chloric, a lot of containing chloric organic matter is poisonous. Nevertheless, sweet Subingbuyin is contain chloric and poisonous. Canadian diabetic association thinks, every kilograms of weight everyday element of 15 milligram sweetness won’t have edible any side-effect. This is equivalent to a weight the person of 70 kilogram has element of 1 gram much happiness everyday, its sweet taste and 630 grams cane sugar comparative. This already was head and shoulders above the gustatory demand of people. Also a few animals consider to use mouse of a large number of sweet element feed, observe a few undesirable consequence. Nevertheless, the normal edible quantity of people is far use chroma under these laboratory, these results are not thought to have direct sense.

Harm of natrium of element of sweetness of long-term and excessive edible, saccharin is great the sweet taste agent that adds in food basically has element of saccharin natrium, gooey, install contest to be mixed closely sweet taste element 4 kinds. Human body is daily agent of permission artificial synthesis sweet taste makes dosage is to have certain set limit to. Usually, human body is daily every kilogram weight is right the intake of saccharin natrium, cannot exceed 2.5 milligram at most, namely the adult that a weight is 60 kilogram, daily the intake to saccharin natrium, the retake of every kilogram body that cannot exceed sweet element of 150 milligram; , sweet taste element, An Saimi at most enters quantity tall set limit to to be 11 milligram, 40 milligram, 15 milligram respectively. Natrium of sweet element, saccharin is two commonly used sweet taste agents, a few times spending is sucrose its are sweet. If consumer is long-term the food that agent of excessive edible sweet taste exceeds bid, because absorb excessive,be met and cause a harm to human body.

Because sweet element has,cause cancer, send abnormal, damage the side-effect such as kidney function, a few countries already prohibited using sweet element in food in the round. The food that China has many 50 enterprise to export Japan in succession square check gives sweet native and be detained by day or withdraw motion.

Differentiate: The food that agent of major sweet taste exceeds bid is sense organ of very difficult support is differentiated come out, need to use instrument ability to detect.

Coloring steamed bread endangers health

 Lemon is yellow

Harm: Citric Huang You says tartaric yellow, acidity is weak hydrazine is yellow, yellow. This pigment is provided general noxiousness and the sex that send have diarrhoea, sunset is if long-term or one-time many edible is citric yellow, yellow the food that waits for pigment content to exceed bid, may cause the symptom such as allergic, diarrhoea, pass when intake big, when exceeding hepatic load, can be inside body save up, produce certain harm to kidney, liver.

Affect an aspect for a long time, yellow artificial pigment can bring about edible lemon children uses disease more, even intelligence quotient falls 5 minutes. Before consider to show, the artificial additive in food can cause children behavior obstacle. The result of a research that general honest university brings south England more discovery, feed choose and employ persons to be versed in pigment can affect children intelligence growth. Study Professor Shidiwensen describes · of case controller Jim: The noxiousness can of artificial edible pigment compares the benzine that contain lead.

According to European law provision, food bans 3 years old of all the following children to fizzle out with lemon. In addition, it also can cause asthma, although return the evidence that has no the affirmatory sex causing cancer that fizzles out about lemon, but the allergy that sends by citric Huang Dao and other response also are very famous. Yellow to lemon hypersensitive shape includes normally: Faintness of angst, migraine, melancholia, vision, asthmatic, scratchy, limply, urticaria, choking feeling.

Differentiate: Corn is coarse food grain, the provision that corn flour makes, the exterior, hand holds a feeling to all compare coarse; to eat in the mouth, some coarse mouth. And feel of ” of steamed bread of corn of on the market a few “ is loose, exquisite, taste the fragrance that the feeling is less than corn, and color fizzles out truthlessly. In ” of steamed bread of corn of this kind of “ , added the additive such as pigment extremely likely, and this kind of pigment fizzles out with lemon more give priority to. In addition expert proposal, differentiate ” of “ corn cooked wheaten food whether mix into entered pigment, desirable a few sample add leach bubble, be shown by filtrate of ” of cooked wheaten food of corn of “ of citric yellow colored yellow


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