Coloring steamed bread 3 violate compasses additive to violate law of national food safety greatly



According to recently CCTV ” consumption advocates ” program report, supermarket of Shanghai China couplet and much home supermarket sell the ” of “ corn steamed bread that added pigment in great quantities, and the corn steamed bread that says to consumer this was to embody corn range. According to dark the branch of limited company of Cheng Lu food of manufacturing source Shanghai that seeks pigment steamed bread concludes, ” of these “ corn steamed bread are a few expiring overdue steamed breads at all after adding pigment the child of new melt down. So, company of this Shanghai steamed bread added those additive in the steamed bread, did its behavior offend a country those legal provisions and relevant provision level?

Coloring steamed bread 3 violate compasses additive to violate law of national food safety greatly

 One, hill pear acerbity Potassium (antiseptic)

National regulation: Our country ” additive agent for food uses wholesome level ” regulation, ferment the food of area products classifies date for, in the additive that can use, do not have hill pear acerbity Potassium.

Violate compasses add a condition: The additive agent for food that tags on the label of the steamed bread is vitamin C, but actually, shanghai fills what branch of salary food limited company adds is not white sugar however sweet element, did not see add vitamin C technically, added acerbity Potassium of antiseptic hill pear however. The worker explains hill pear acerbity Potassium is what to do to use is to express, action is “ mouldproof ” . Say to the steamed bread prevents to become moldy after using it, the expiration period can grow a bit.

2, sweet element (sweet taste agent)

National regulation: Our country ” additive agent for food uses wholesome level ” in regulation, allowing the food sort that adds sweet element is bake / fry make nut and seed kind, do not include ferment area products.

Violate compasses add a condition: Industry person does a steamed bread to put saccharin before, add sweet element to replace namely now, dosage is OK when and say be being put a bit less. Manufacturer says “ where has white sugar to do not have sweet element, inn should do big affirmation to want to use ” . Additional, reporter discovery, workers are very optional when adding all sorts of additive, it is the experience according to oneself completely, want to add how to much add.

  3, lemon is yellow (pigment)

National regulation: Our country ” additive agent for food uses wholesome level ” in in the food sort that the regulation can add lemon to fizzle out, include the food such as fruit juice beverage, carbonic acid beverage, candied, jelly, but dosage has strict restriction, the largest use amount is 0.10g/kg. Do not include to ferment in the provision that can use this pigment area products.

Violate compasses add a condition: On the label of flaxen corn steamed bread, additive agent for food also is tagging vitamin C, however, in manufacturing workshop, in steamed bread of the corn that make when, worker a white steamed bread that closes, corn steamed bread falls into knead dough machine, go to face of a bowl of corn poured respectively in two machines, subsequently he takes out the powder of one canister tangerine again, dug two spoon to take knead dough chance. Powder of this canister tangerine wraps mount to make clear, this is a kind of colorant that makes lemon fizzle out, add this kind of colorant in vivid face machine, flour turned corn into the color of the face. Two bags sufficient the flour that has 100 jins, a bowl small corn face, call lemon the steamed bread of yellow colorant and supermarket go back plus this kind, flour is caught yellow, ” of beautiful steamed bread of flaxen “ corn gives heat.

Coloring steamed bread 3 violate compasses additive to violate law of national food safety greatly

4, wholesome standard

National regulation: ” law of safety of food of People’s Republic of China ” the 27th regulation, food production manages the production that ought to have photograph of the food variety that runs with production, amount to suit to manage facility or establishment, have corresponding disinfection, change clothes, wash one’s hands and face, daylighting, illume, ventilated, anticorrosive, dustproof, prevent fly, prevent the rat, insect-resistant, catharsis and processing liquid waste, facility that deposits rubbish and litter or production of establishment; food manages personnel to ought to maintain individual sanitation, when production runs food, ought to the hand abluent, apparel clean working garment, cap.

Violate compasses condition: In the packing workshop of the steamed bread, a few workers are in just the steamed bread outfit with ripe evaporate enters polybag, every polybag installs 4 steamed breads. In the process of the steamed bread that pack, workers do not have glove, also did not apparel clean working garment, cap.

   5, provision is safe

National regulation: ” food safety law ” regulation, expire to the sale the individual of food or unit: Confiscate those who violate the product; goods that is suspected of breaking the law to be worth amount to be not worth 10 thousand yuan, be in 2000 yuan of above 50000 yuan of the following amerce, goods is worth more than 10 thousand yuan, amount of worth managing money 5 times above clue of; of 10 times the following amerce is serious, revoke licence. Opposite produces the same illegal act of operator, the administration that must not give above 2 times fine punishs; to be suspected of crime, ought to move to public security mechanism lawfully send.

Violate compasses condition: The steamed bread that everyday can a few draw near afternoon or spent the expiration period by carry back company, send job shops, again melt down is become by treatment new steamed bread. Pack after finishing, every bags of steamed bread is affixed to differ phyletic label, subsequently, one box the steamed bread of one box is sent to go to the market.

  Link ” ” foreign processing expires food method

Unite by superintendency branch appoint professional corporation special processing to expire reach degenerative food, form commercialized processor to make, this kind of special mechanism can move effectively, can solve a government to superintend the problem of resource scarcity already, won’t increase business processing to expire again the burden of food, return what can produce these food adequately to use value at the same time, produce certain social beneficial result. This kind expires the handles a mechanism to there already was a success in abroad case of food, for instance Japan appeared to pursue the company that food litter treats technically 1992, this company passes development of ten years, technical level rises ceaselessly, dimensions expands ceaselessly, can make the second birth utilization rate of food litter achieves 90% above not only, and had had certain gain capacity.


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