Cicada monkey is called the Tang Dynasty monk flesh, what profit to have after all?


A lot of people had not heard of the likelihood cicada monkey, this appellation is scarcer also between the life, had clever boy actually namely the Jin Chan that people knows. Respecting gold cicada, everybody should know to there can be certain profit to the body after eating, it is in what also often be weighed by people in ancient time the Tang Dynasty monk flesh, also can know from this often the value of edible. So what profit does cicada monkey have after all?

One, protein is rich

The protein nutrition inside cicada monkey is very rich, and the protein inside forms 8 kinds of when amino acid belongs to human body to need amino acid, sort is more all ready, it is a kind of very good high protein food. Although a lot of people dare not have cicada clever boy, think this thing looks not congenial, also fall not to go the mouth, but it is first-rate that actually cicada monkey ate compensatory to the body protein, especially for the person of protein to be being lacked inside a few bodies content, can have clever boy of a few cicada more.

Cicada monkey is called the Tang Dynasty monk flesh, what profit to have after all?

2, compensatory vitamin and microelement

The vitamin content inside cicada monkey and microelement also are very tall, the body of everybody is the microelement that needs certain amount and vitamin, lacked these composition to be able to let the body become insalubrious, still meet those who cause a few diseases happen, between the life so everybody can eat right amountly a few contain these elements to compare much food, cicada monkey is a very good choice, not only protein composition is much, and vitamin content and microelement are very much also.

3, adjust adipose metabolization

Cicada monkey ate adipose to the body metabolism to be able to remove very good adjustment action, the adipose content inside a lot of person bodies is more now, and because adipose content is too much,be returned and caused fat disease, cause the disease such as hypertensive, tall blood sugar, cicada monkey can let the cholesterol inside the body and hematic fat fall very well, slant so fat person can have cicada clever boy more, it is better that the body that can invite oneself so becomes, figure also standard, and cicada monkey is returned can improve liver function very well, the hepatic function that lets oneself becomes better.

Although the nutrient composition inside cicada monkey is very good, ate very good also to the body, but everybody needs to notice when doing cicada clever boy, it is poisonous that the head of cicada monkey follows a rear, ate these two place to be able to cause cancer very likely, before eat so need gives excision these two position, preexistence also wants before doing two hours above immerses in water, the cicada clever boy that such doing come out already delicate healthy.

Cicada monkey also is a kind of thing that can be used as medicine, inside the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine cicada monkey uses medicine to be able to undertake to the body nourishing with take good care of sb, to a few diseases also be to have certain remedial effect, when using cicada monkey nevertheless, need notes a quantity, cannot edible is too much.


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