Bad habit of common 5 great fried dishes needs slam the door


Bad habit of common 5 great fried dishes needs slam the door


Everybody has not been familiar with fried dish most propbably again, almost everybody is met. But a few habits making food in daily life are however should of slam the door, because won’t withhold vegetable nutrition not only so, what still can endanger us is healthy. What habit be after all? Understand together!

  Cut scald of dish reoccupy water

Vegetable is cut too broken, the dish with light original prediction of a person’s luck in a given year is spicy, be like repass water scald, among them vitamin and mineral can many loss. So, vegetable should let keep complete as far as possible when scald dish, water consumption wants much. In addition, scald greenery dish when, want to add bit of salt and oil, can oxidize in order to prevent not only enzymatic destroy chlorophyll, still can maintain vegetable and bright color.

Bad habit of common 5 great fried dishes needs slam the door

  Do dish to cross oil first

Make the land when the dish such as horn of beans of 3 delicacy, dry stir-fry before stewing, a lot of people like to will feed material to pass in oil first, fish out will be fried again, the famished look Ze Mingliang that such doing come out, smell is sweet thick. But method of this kind of cook can bring about absorbed grease to exceed bid, destroy the nutrition of vegetable itself, produce carcinogenic substance possibly still at the same time. Suggest everybody has taken course of blast of rape, decoct less, cook vegetable is multi-purpose Bai Zhuo, Qing Dynasty is fried, cold and dressed with sause and steam wait for means.

   Oil is fumy just put food

When oily boiler is fumy, such oil is lukewarm often had achieved 200 ℃ above, just leave food right now the word of boiler, the carcinogenic substance of generation can increase cancer risk not only. In the meantime, the nutriment in vegetable also was destroyed. Right way is, in oil have not when fume, eat the boiler below material. Still have the method with a kind of simple test lukewarm oil: Insert bamboo chopstick in oil, when its all around appear when a lot of persnickety bubble, state temperature is enough hot, can leave boiler.

  Fry Lenten also add many oil

No matter be which kinds of oil, adipose content is in 98% above. Vegetable oil absorption is particularly strong, if use too much oil to fry Lenten, and eat meat dishes to do not have distinction, and still can make the surface of dish is surrounded by a grease, other dressing penetrate vegetable interior not easily also, affected alimental taste, do so at the same time also go against digest absorb. Sound practice is every the path is Lenten the quantity that put oil does not exceed one spoon, boiler is afraid of paste can stir-fry with pan, make sure be heated is even.

Bad habit of common 5 great fried dishes needs slam the door

 The fried dish puts the very much condiment that contain salt

Saline quantity is contained to be 15%~20% in soy, salt is contained in gallinaceous essence 10% , thick broad-bean sauce, oyster sauce also contains many salt, if used these dressing, be about to reduce the amount that uses salt, cause sodium extremely easily to exceed bid otherwise. Return somebody to like a fried dish to put sugar, however sweet taste and saline taste can be mutual and quits, easy bring about fried dish flavour to become weak, join more salt finally. Right way is to stir-fry to put a bit salt or seafood soy only, gallinaceous essence gourmet powder is used less also, OK and multi-purpose green ginger garlic or Chinese prickly ash flavor, fry the food that give so delicate and goluptious, withheld the former juice raw ingredient of the itself that feed capable person.


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