8 kinds of potherb are the ace that prevent cancer unexpectedly


8 kinds of potherb are the ace that prevent cancer unexpectedly


[introduction] of cancer occurence rate go tall, having close connection with the change of the dietary structure of people and lifestyle. Accordingly we ought to pay attention to dietary preserve one’s health more, prevent the happening of cancer, below small make up bringing 8 kinds of potherb for you is the ace that prevent cancer unexpectedly, hope 8 kinds of potherb are to prevent cancerous ace to be able to be helped somewhat to you unexpectedly.

   8 kinds of potherb are the ace that prevent cancer unexpectedly

  1.Bitter dish can restrain leukaemia

The formal name of bitter dish makes take hemp dish or chicory. The bine shows yellow white; Blade wraps around for round shape needle form, exterior green, rear celadon; Spend bright yellow, glossal shape. Insolation rich potassium ﹑ is contained in bitter dish the element such as copper of ﹑ of zinc of ﹑ of manganese of ﹑ of iron of ﹑ of natrium of ﹑ of phosphor of calcic ﹑ magnesian ﹑. Bitter dish can clear hot dry is the pus of platoon of wet, detumescence, detoxify that change silt, cool blood is hemostatic. Simmer in water of bitter food water condenses alcohol to draw liquid, to leukaemia of acute lymphocyte sex ﹑ acute and leukaemia of chronic bead cell have inhibition. Commonner eat a law to garlic fine and soft mixes bitter dish, sauce mixes bitter dish, bitter dish burns pork liver to wait.

  2. Eat mother-in-law man to have profit to liver

Mother-in-law man, call dandelion again, a lot of people outdoors has seen. Vitamin ﹑ linoleic acid is contained in its pollen, choline ﹑ amino acid and microelement are contained in branches and leaves. The main function of mother-in-law man is clear hot detoxify, subsidence of a swelling and diuresis. It has effect of wide chart antibacterial, return the immune function that can arouse airframe, reach benefit bravery and the action that defend liver. Its scald is eaten raw afterwards, fry it is OK to feed or do Shang Dou, for instance jellyfish skin mixes mother-in-law man, mother-in-law man fries shredded meat; Still can match honey of ﹑ of licorice of green tea ﹑ to wait, tone becomes a cup can the mother-in-law fourth green tea of clear hot detoxify, detumescence.

  3. The root of balloonflower fights ulcer

The root of balloonflower calls Ming Xie cap of dish ﹑ bonze again, the Daolaji that place of person of the Chaoxian nationality says is it. Its branch end can open the floret that gives blue. What we eat usually is root of the root of balloonflower, it has town of make expectoration easy to cough, demulcent ﹑ solution heats up ﹑ composed, fall blood sugar, antiphlogistic, fight the ulcer, action that fights tumor and curb bacterium.

4. Dry hot weather eats three-colored amaranth more

The root of three-colored amaranth is purple commonly or lilac; Have rarely on the bine ramose, have green or lilac streak; Leaf is egg form. What we eat commonly is leaf of tenderer three-colored amaranth bine, they have the effect of moisten the respiratory tract of detoxify of ﹑ of clear hot diuresis, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Besides frying ﹑ of the cold and dressed with sause that feed ﹑ to do boiling water, three-colored amaranth is commonly used also will do stuffing.

8 kinds of potherb are.jpg of the ace that prevent cancer unexpectedly

8 kinds of potherb are the ace that prevent cancer unexpectedly

 5. Filling Xu Jian is lienal eat shepherd’s purse

The florescence of shepherd’s purse is in 4 to June, in cropland border district, people often can see the white shepherd’s purse of bits and pieces is spent. Its main dietotherapy action is cool blood hemostatic, filling Xu Jian is lienal, clear hot benefit water. Spring picks the tender bine leaf of some of shepherd’s purse or shoot of live through the winter, the cold and dressed with sause after scald passes, dip in sauce ﹑ does soup ﹑ to do stuffing ﹑ to fry it is OK to feed, still can boil delicious shepherd’s purse congee.

  6. Cress dish falls blood pressure

Cress dish calls cress ﹑ river Qin again. Its bine is hollow, leaf shows a triangle, the flower is white, basically grow in damp place, for instance river side is mixed paddy field. Cress dish has lung of clear hot detoxify, embellish, be good at lienal feed with stomach, disappear guide sluggish, diuresis, hemostatic, fall blood pressure, fight hepatitis, fight rhythm of the heart action of wrong, antibacterial. We often eat pork fries dumpling of hotpot of cress, cress and cress to mix groundnut.

  7. Brake dish has calm the nerves action

Brake dish renown brake dish of dish ﹑ bibcock, commonner in potherb. Brake dish leaf is curly shape when, explain it is more fresh and tender, old hind leaf can be extended come. Dish having brake can remove clear hot slippery bowel, fall the action that enrages expectorant, diuresis to calm the nerves. But do brake dish or leach had better be used before the brake course that salt passes is taking, make it recovers from an illness. Eat a law commonly to have slippery fry dish of tenderloin silk brake, brake dish to buckle dish of brake of the flesh, cold and dressed with sause to wait.

  8. Equestrian tine dish can be treated diabetic

Equestrian tine dish, call purslane ﹑ macrobian dish again. It is commonly rufous, blade fleshy, pour egg form to grow, because appearance resembles a horse,age and get a name. It contains riboflavin ﹑ of acerbity ﹑ of ammonia of sulfur of protein ﹑ adipose ﹑ all sorts of nurture such as ascorbic acid are qualitative. Because contain acid among them more, when eating so, can feel to have some of tart flavor a bit. The horse ages the officinal function of dish is clear hot detoxify, cool blood is hemostatic. Because it is contained,go richly armour adrenalin, can promote pancreas islet gland to secrete insulin, adjust process of metabolization of human body candy, reduce blood sugar concentration, hold blood sugar constant, be opposite so diabetic have certain remedial effect. In addition, it still contains a kind of not saturated fatty acid, can restrain cholesterol and glycerine of 3 acerbity ester generate, have protective effect to the heart and vessels. Its eat a law to have a lot of kinds, it is OK that after scald passes, ﹑ of the cold and dressed with sause that feed ﹑ is fried to do stuffing. For instance the horse ages dish scrambles egg, steamed stuffed bun of stuffing of dish of evaporate horse tine, or clear heat of the dot that boil stops the garlic horse tine of dysentery.

   Every day preserve one’s healthOffer “ 8 kinds of potherb are to prevent cancerous ace ” to read unexpectedly, if you like these “ that share very much,8 kinds of potherb are content of ” of the ace that prevent cancer unexpectedly, hope you pass “ 8 kinds of potherb are ” of the ace that prevent cancer unexpectedly, find the golden key that leads to healthy road.

   8 kinds of potherb are the relevant data of the ace that prevent cancer unexpectedly:

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