7 kinds of circumstances fall not to drink soya-bean milk


7 kinds of circumstances fall not to drink soya-bean milk


   Traditional breakfast of China is to drink a bowl of soya-bean milk to eat a few commonly small basket steamed stuffed bun, when dietary method is undeserved, produce a harm to the body instead. The expert points out: Although soya-bean milk is good, cannot drink casually however.

   One, soya-bean milk property slants cold, the person with gas of dyspeptic, belch and kidney bad function, had better drink soya-bean milk less. Additional, acute gastritis and the chronic shallow gastritis that express a gender person unfavorable edible bean products, lest stimulate hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to had secreted much more aggravating illness, perhaps cause gastric bowel to bilge gas.

Soya-bean milk


   2, the soya-bean milk that added brown sugar, be absorbed not easily by human body. Because there are a variety of organic acids inside brown sugar, the albumen enzymatic union in they and soya-bean milk, and add white sugar to won’t have this kind of appearance.

   3, the soya-bean milk that is crossed by thermos flask heat preservation, thermos flask heat preservation paltrily of this kind of method, condition pole is helpful for because thermos flask is lukewarm wet core the bacterium is progenitive. Additionally the black toxin in soya-bean milk still can dissolve the furring in thermos flask, drank health of meeting harm human body.

Soya-bean milk

   4, because soya-bean milk is made by soja, and purine part is contained inside soja very tall, and belong to cold sex food, have empty of gouty symptom, lack of power, body, mind so tired the Xu Han constitution that waits for a symptom person unsuited drinkable soya-bean milk.

   5, the soya-bean milk that building a lid to boil. Soya-bean milk not only must want to be boiled, and still must want to open wide boiler to build when the soya-bean milk that boil, because only open boil builds ability to be able to let the harmful material in soya-bean milk volatilize as vapor,this is.

   6, the crowd that taking antibiotic cannot be drunk. Soya-bean milk scarcely wants to wait for antibiotic to be taken together with erythromycin, because both can produce chemical reaction, drink soya-bean milk and the time interval that take antibiotic to had better be in above of a hour.

   7, the person that lacks zinc is unfavorable tipple. Tipple soya-bean milk notices filling zinc, depressor, black is contained in legume chitin and outside source agglutinin, these are bad to human body material. Cope with their best method to thoroughly cook soya-bean milk namely, the person of long-term edible soya-bean milk does not forget compensatory microelement zinc.


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