6 cognitive errors of fatty liver, a lot of people walk medium


Actually fatty liver appeared inside liver of be confined to of not mere bureau a kind of metabolization is disorder, possible also meeting appears the disease with a few disorder metabolization such as tall blood fat, tall blood sugar, hypertension, to fatty liver people can be put in very big error.

1, fatty liver need not be not paid attention to sorely

Should suffer from on do not have when fatty liver any feeling, it is conceal is inside the body only, affected the health of own body. If fatty liver did not receive seasonable treatment, so 10 years in the fatty liver patient of 17% can appear fatty liver is phlogistic, the patient of 25% can be in 40 years in development becomes liver cirrhosis, liver cell can appear metamorphic or necrotic, cause liver cancer thereby.

2, fatty liver and diabetic did not concern

Actually diabetic with fatty liver supplement each other, 50% diabetics assemble has fatty liver, the fatty liver of 48% is amalgamative diabetic, fatty liver and diabetic the disease that is mutual companion hair.

3, fatty liver is to eat those who come out

The food when fatty liver peace has close connection really, unreasonable food is the immediate cause that causes fatty liver to come on, but stay up late for long, this world that exceeding exhaustion also can harm human body is angry, cause severe loss to liver, the body that cause is fat, bring about fatty liver.

6 cognitive errors of fatty liver, a lot of people walk medium

4, the thing that fatty liver of prevention and cure is middleaged person

Major fatty liver incidence of a disease can be centered in 40 years old to arrive 60 years old between, but the youth that also has 30 years old or so appears fatty liver. Because quality of standard of living rose now, unreasonable dietary structure can bring about the body excessive and fat, raised children apparently adipose high occurence rate.

5, hematic fat won’t get fatty liver normally

When the fat in blood kind material exceeded mark fiducial value to be able to cause tall blood fat, the patient of fat of beyond question tall blood suffers from easily on fatty liver, but the patient blood fat of 30% is not tall but appeared only pure sex fatty liver, because drink for long,this is, undesirable dietary habit, body is too fat and the fatty liver that cause.

6, a thin person won’t get fatty liver

Some people think fatty liver is obese person is met only, otherwise actually a thin person also can suffer from likewise on fatty liver, once the body slants,thin crowd suffers from on fatty liver, that is hepatic structure and function can have appear serious pathological changes, consequence is very serious.


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