5 preserve one’s health that eat dinner to should beware are no-no


5 preserve one’s health that eat dinner to should beware are no-no


Sharing dinner with family is a kind delicate, accordingly the dinner of people always is the deal in 3 eat most, eats the bigliest meal. But, if cross dinner unscientific edible, easy go to the bad, have certain effect to our healthy state. So the repast principle of our dinner is: Cannot pass too full, late, cross drink to wait, do not eat wrong dinner, such meetings create the burden of gastric bowel, affect our healthy quality. In dinner our Ying Jin prevents 5 avoid, reasonable edible dinner.

  Ban dinner to eat too late: Dinner eats early prevent disease

Dinner eats early is the sanitarian sound strategy that medical expert recommends to people. Concerned research makes clear, dinner has the incidence of a disease that can reduce disease of uric road stone greatly early.

Hour of the 4~5 after the fastigium of the person that discharge calcium often is dining, if dinner spends evening, when the fastigium that discharge calcium comes, person already go to bed falls asleep, uric fluid cannot outside seasonable eduction body, the calcium in causing make water increases ceaselessly, easy deposit comes down to form small crystal, as time passes, expand gradually form stone. So, controlled sup at 6 o’clock towards evening more appropriate.

5 preserve one's health that eat dinner to should beware are no-no

  2 ban dinner to eat too meat or fish: Dinner abstain from eating meal prevents cancer

Dinner must slant element, give priority to in order to contain a lot ofthe food of carbohydrate, and protein, adipose kind it is better to eat lesser.

Study a report according to science, the high protein food such as many flesh, egg, grandma eats when dinner, the calcic quantity that can make make water medium increases, reduced the calcic reserve inside body on one hand, cause children rachitic, teenage myopia and in it year of osteoporosis; Calcic concentration is high in make water on the other hand, meet with suffers from the possibility with uric road ill stone to be able to rise greatly.

If adipose eat too much, can make hematic fat elevatory. Study the data makes clear, the hematic fat of the person that dinner often eats the person that meat or fish feeds to compare abstain from eating meal wants tall 2~3 times. Carbohydrate can make more serum element inside human body, play calms the nerves undisturbedly action, to insomnia person particularly beneficial.

  3 ban dinner to eat too much: Dinner is right amount sleep spicily

Compare with photograph of breakfast, Chinese meal, dinner appropriate eats less

Evening does not have other activity, or eat time later, if dinner overfeeding, can cause cholesterol to lift, exciting liver makes more low density and lipoprotein of extremely low density, cause arteriosclerosis; Long-term dinner is too full, turn over Fu to stimulate insulin to be secreted in great quantities, often cause insulin β cell to fail ahead of schedule, bury next diabetic an apple of discord thereby.

5 preserve one's health that eat dinner to should beware are no-no

 4 avoid dinner too too sweet

Had better not appear in dinner sweetmeat, calculate you how to love to eat sweet food again, for us healthy, we should reduce sweetmeat as far as possible absorb.

Sweet food eats in night, can make white sugar is decomposed via digesting for fructose and dextrose, after human body is absorbed, change directly the meeting is adipose. Because athletic group is changed adiposely,have inhibition, sweet food eats before why moving so and can not gain flesh. And we eat sweet food in dinner, enter Morpheus without motion at all, will naturally bring about get fat.

Dinner as far as possible some simpler, below small make up introduce miscellaneous beans congee for you, not only nutrition is rich, and the quantity of heat of congee is not high, full abdomen feels strong, have effect reducing weight really. All sorts of legume such as the gram that has immersed beforehand, ormosia, black soya bean, kidney bean, add polished glutinous rice of rice, millet, blood, black rice, still can add Job’s tears benevolence, oaten, lily to wait, all sorts of material match each other, bao of Bao of the meal that use phone becomes one boiler the miscellaneous beans congee of soft sodden sweet glutinous, the staple food of dinner had

The dish of cold and dressed with sause that is raw material with vegetable is optimum do miscellaneous beans congee distribute food, the draw materials of dish of cold and dressed with sause also pays attention to “ miscellaneous ” , 78 kinds of vegetable neat go into battle, each is not much, tomato, cucumber, on the west all sorts of orchid, carrot, violet wild cabbage, asparagus, bacterium stay of proceedings, red red green greenbelt mixes together, add a few salt and olive oil, already find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, stimulate appetite, can absorb comprehensive nutrition from inside different food again.


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