10 big provision make life the most easily ill want to eat less


10 big provision make life the most easily ill want to eat less


Modern society, 10 have 8 people in the individual is cate accuse, cate can stimulate the person’s taste bud to give a person the enjoyment with the United States, but a few food are our healthy archenemy however, what be after all? Understand together!

   Deepfry food

Density of deepfry food energy is high, often take food easy bring about fat; Contain taller grease and oxidation material, it is the most critical provision that causes tall lipemia and coronary heart disease; In deepfry process, often produce many carcinogenic substance. Already research makes clear, often take the crowd of fry, the far outclass of incidence of a disease of its part cancer does not eat or seldom eat the crowd of fry.

10 big provision make life the most easily ill want to eat less

 Potted kind of food

It is water fruit can no matter, still be the flesh kind potted, among them nutriment suffers many destruction, especially of all kinds vitamin is destroyed to danger almost. Additional, the protein in potted goods often appears metamorphic, make its digest absorptivity to be reduced greatly, nutrient value substantially “ shrink ” . Still have, can of fruit of a lot of water contains higher in syrup to divide, be absorbed for carrier with the liquid human body, the absorptivity that makes candy is divided greatly heighten, blood sugar can be brought about to be climbed considerably inside short after take food time litre, pancreatic bear accentuates greatly. In the meantime, because energy is higher, have bring about fat ill will.

  Souse food

In the process of souse food need puts salt in great quantities, this brings about content of salt of natrium of this kind of food to exceed bid, the burden that creates kidney of the person that often eat souse food is aggravating, produce hypertensive risk heighten. Still have, food can produce many carcinogenic substance in souse process inferior saltpetre amine, cause the malignant tumor such as nose pharynx cancer come on risk greatly heighten. In addition, as a result of tall pH indicator salinity can damage mucous membrane of gastric bowel path badly, the person that reason often eats souse food, the incidence of a disease of gastroenteritis disease and ulcer is higher.

  The flesh of treatment kind food

This kind of food contains the nitrite of certain amount, reason may have the potential risk that causes cancer. In addition, because add antiseptic, grace agent and the agent that maintain quality, cause burden of human body liver to accentuate. Still have, the goods such as ham is tall natrium food mostly, a large number of taking food can bring about salinity to absorb overmuch, cause blood pressure wave motion and kidney function to damage.

  Fat and pluck kind food

Fat and pluck kind although food is contained the high grade protein of certain amount, vitamin and mineral, but the many saturated fatty acid that contains among them and cholesterol, had been been to bring about two the most important kinds of of heart disease prandial elements certainly. Already made clear now, eat pluck for a long time in great quantities kind food can be sure sexual ground, substantially heighten has cardiovascular disease and malignant tumor (like colonic cancer, breast cancer) produce a risk.

Butyric products

The energy density of butyric products is very high, but nutriment content is not rich, basically be adipose with candy. Often eat cream kind goods can bring about gain weight, appear even blood sugar and hematic fat are elevatory. Cake of anteprandial edible butter, still can cause appetite to reduce. Tall adipose often affect air of gastric bowel platoon with cent of high in syrup, bring about gastric esophagus countercurrent even. A lot of people are in hollow after eating butyric products, appear return the symptom such as acerbity, heartburn.

Convenient cover

Convenient cover is belonged to tall salt, tall fat, low vitamin, low a kind of mineral food. On one hand, because salinity content is high,raised kidney negative charge, raise high blood pressure; On the other hand, the man-made that contains certain amount is adipose (the fatty acid that return form) , have quite big negative effect to the heart and vessels. Together with contains antiseptic and essence, wait possibly to have potential adverse effect to liver.

   Barbecue kind food

Barbecue kind food contains strong carcinogenic substance 3, 4- benzene and Bi. Only this one, with respect to enough caution people is opposite barbecue kind ” of food “ retreat to avoid a conflict.

10 big provision make life the most easily ill want to eat less

 Refrigerant desert

Refrigerant desert includes ice cream, ice cream to wait. This kind of food has 3 big problems: Because butyric content is higher, easy bring about fat; Because candy cent content is high, can reduce appetite; Return a likelihood to because of bowel of temperature is low and exciting stomach.

Plum of preserved fruit, word and confiture kind food

This kind of food contains nitrite, amine can be united in wedlock to form potential carcinogen inside human body inferior nitric acid amine; Contain the additive such as essence to may damage the viscera such as liver; Contain taller salinity to may bring about blood pressure to lift with the kidney the burden accentuates.


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